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Paris Bakeries

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AJ in Ktown

Paris Bakeries

Hi there,  we will be spending a week in Paris and while my wife is working I am planning on searching out great bakeries. SO please let me know of any. I am more interested in different breads rather than searching out the 'perfect' baguette.

Thanks for any leads.


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Well, of course you must start with Poilane's. 

His original boulangerie is at:

8, rue de Cherche Midi

Paris 75006

Unfortunately he was killed in a helicopter crash about 10 years ago but the tradition remains.

If you haven't been to Paris before, you may want to check out my Website (no cost, no advertising - just a hobby)

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AJ in Ktown

Thanks for the tip and link to your website. We will be staying in the 16th arondis.

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Hello Andrew,
MC of has posted about two Paris bakeries, on this page:

There are other posts here, about bakeries in and around Paris:  (see the Bakeries section)

:^) breadsong


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thomaschacon (not verified)

Someone asked a similar question late last year.

Lots of good responses there, like the one that links to Paris by Mouth.

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Is a former pastry chef who worked with Alice Waters for many years.  He lives in Paris now, and writes a great blog about it.  He leads culinary tours in paris, and would probably be an excellent resource.  check out his blog here:

He has an app that's more pastry specific; and an excellent book about his experiences living as an "American in Paris."  He's also just entertaining as all get out.  Give him a shot!


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My girlfriend and I were there to see the coupe and europain in March. Two of our favorites were 'Boulangerie Veronique Mauclerc' and 'Pain et Des Idees' (bread and ideas).  The latter sells wonderful miches of pain au levain, cut into halves or quarters if I remember right and some ok vienoisserie. Veronique Mauclerc bakes in one of the oldest wood burning ovens in Paris and uses many organic, oldworld and specialty grains. One standout was a chestnut flour and honey bread with hazelnuts. I know you're not as interested in finding a perfect baguette but a trip to 'Grenier a Pain' is worthwhile not only for their excellent baguette but for some darn good pastry- I can't stop thinking about their pistachio millefeuille. Hope you have an awesome trip!