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ITJB Round 2 Week 3: Passover Macaroons (p. 245) 5-5-12 to 5-12-12

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ITJB Round 2 Week 3: Passover Macaroons (p. 245) 5-5-12 to 5-12-12

Oh my, May is flitting away from me already! Sorry for the lateness of getting this week's posting up. But what a recipe for the week! Coconut! Macaroons! What's not to like? 

(I like 'em moist and chewy. And since mention of coconuts brings to mind a) tropical drinks and b) Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail, there may be a libation-fueled movie marathon in this week's lineup. But that may just be me). Enjoy them however you will!

I did a brief errata check: None noted on the NY Bakers website. So bake away!


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First, the egg white quantity may not be enough, so add them liberally, until the dough is creamy and pipes easily

Second, it's important to use the finest grind coconut you can find, preferably "macaroon coconut," or "coconut flour" sold in Middle Eastern and Indian markets.

Lastly, for those who haven't seen my other post, Norm passed away this afternoon. He was 54.


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I'm so sorry to hear that.  Prayers are being said.

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So sorry to hear about Norm... makes working on these challenges a tribute! Godspeed, Norm.

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I will be joining the challenge in tribute to a great baker. Is it okay to add to the list now?

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I am sure it is okay to enter anytime!!! Welcome. The schedule is posted under "Inside the Jewish Bakery baking challenge Round 2" posted by Urchina (Kendra). Looking forward to your posts.

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as I was casually reading the latest posts about the second group of ITJB recipe bakers, I read Stan's note about Norm dying. I've been so delighted by the opportunity Norm & Stan have given me (and so many grateful others) to hug this delicious book and have a chance to bring to life some of the tastes and memories of my Brooklyn childhood. I knew Norm was sick but I wasn't prepared for this. I wish I could still tell him how much I appreciated his generousity in sharing his vast knowledge, refiguring recipe amounts for small batches, trouble-shooting TFL contributors' problems and connecting all of us "customers" with the baker who created it all behind the magic curtain. My condolences to his family & friends plus my eternal gratitude that through this magical TFL family a tangible book was born. I love this place!!!


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met the Macaroon challenge! (Didn't do the macarena!!) :-)  Let me start by saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone who had a mother, or is a mother, or knows a mother...  and has ever loved a mother! 

Quite a different recipe, being gluten-free... Very light, can definitely taste the eggs... not as chewy as when they are made with the moist, sweetened coconut. Very interesting and good.  Leading off with my own picture... will be giving  these as gifts to several of my neighbors in hypothecary jars for Mother's Day... will need to make sure they dry good before putting them into the jars.    Being that these are "Passover Macaroons" we decided to get the baking done today, and have our treats ready for the Sabbath.                                                                         Thanks, Norm for the inspiration!

Here is Helen's finished product...(gmabaking2) she likes the Cherry-on-top! Looks lovely that way... quite colorful and festive looking! I love it!

That does it for the Texas Edition of the sisters... coming up from the Great Northwest, from Washington state, Barb (gmabaking)... Our leader and our own personal inspiration... her great baking and enthusiasm for this ITJB project is contagious... she even sent us our cookbooks as gifts.  Since she tested many of the recipes for the creation of the book, she is our resident expert.

Had to use flaked sweetened coconut so they may be a little sweeter than they should be. Will be the new favorite cookie of several coconut loving grandchildren within hours, I am sure.

So, there we are again, another day spent with my sisters... another great product for sharing... that's what I am talkin' about! 

Any day that starts with sharing time with my sisters is a good day! 

Diane (gmagmabaking2)