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First shot at Cuban bread

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First shot at Cuban bread

One of our favorite sandwiches are Cubans. We have made them numerous times with different types of bread. When we lived in Syracuse, there wasn't anywhere that I had found that carried Cuban bread, so we made it with whatever we could get. Since moving to Atlanta, Cuban bread can even be found in your local Publix bakery. My wife decided that we would make them last week and I thought that I should be able to make it at home instead of buying it (wish I had thought of that a few years ago back in NY...)

After doing a few searches on here and on Google, I settled on the Pan Cubano recipe from ( The loaves came out of the oven about an hour ago and they look fantastic! 


I'll add more photos after they are cut.

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With nice portion of butter" very tasty...!

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I've been making this for a few years minus the palm fronds on top.  It's pretty good.