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Has Good Loaf Gone Bad.???

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Has Good Loaf Gone Bad.???

We've been baking bread in our Kenwood BM450 for awhile now & each loaf has been perfect but last nights one not so sure so here goes:

For 1 kg loaf

Water 380mml

Wholemeal bread flower 600g

Skimmed milk 4 tsp

Salt 2 tsp

Suger 1 tbsp

butter 25g

easy blend yeast 1 tsp

Then set b/maker to (3) = 4.35 & once completed" loaf was not quite as high as previous loafs so where did i go wrong.?

Loaf once cooled had a tacky feel when cut with knife but tast was as good as previous loafs but with a very slightly tacky edable tast, next day checks was as per night before but pleased there was no shrinkage of the loaf & tast was as good as previous night so do I carry on as per my ingrediants or what would you suggest...???

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Sounds to me as though the loves were not baked long enough.  The internal tmperature should be about 200-205°F (93-96°C).

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Na" we've since worked it out I accidently used our normal yeast by mistake instead of our bread maker yeast so alls sorted thanks.

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Mini Oven

If you ever run out of bread machine yeast, the job requires more "normal yeast" to get the job done.  Maybe  1 1/2 teaspoons?

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Thank's for the advice,