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Help! New baker

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Help! New baker

Morning everyone

 I've only just discovered the taste of sourdough and now I am obsessed with it!

I got a starter going (her name is Marjorie) from J.Ross website and its looks very happy - i baked a couple of loaves from it, and its tastes quivk nice - I'd like it to have a bit more sour flavour, so I'll just have to work on it. And I just mixed up a wholemeal starter from FloydM - baking later on today, so woulf be interesting to see how that turns out - my first experience with rye/wholewheat flour - could be a total disaster - you never know ;)

Now that I've got my starters going, I need more recipes - that can I do with it?

I've been looking at Eric's photos, and I love LOVE the crust and texture of his daily breads!

 Can you share your favourite sourdough recipes - please!

Thank you in advance


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Ruth Redburn

To make sourdough more sour, you must let it stand longer. What recipe did you use? I have one from Poilane in Paris that I like, but the best and easiest bread to make is the no-knead bread recipe from the NYTimes in November. It is wonderful! and it gets sour if you let it stand for about 24 hours.


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Thanks Ruth

I found NY times article, will try it out tonight.

I find myself going into bakeries just to look at what bread they have, and looking for an inspiration. Saw a bakery selling Apple Cider sourdough the other day - has anyone head of/has a recipe for one?