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Baker's Scale

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Baker's Scale

Check ot this Baker's scale, it is going to be one of the items in an auction I'm going to be bidding in.

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Mini Oven

Got your WD-40 can ready?  And don't forget the brass cleaner...

Looks like it comes with its own set of sd cultures.

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Oh Mini, it might be slow and need to be cleaned up but, it's gorgeous. I think WD-40 ain't gonna cut it, it will need some Marvel's Mystery Oil. I was actually thinking it would make a great decorative piece.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

You'll weigh 1000 g of flour and get 750 g, 1000 g of water and get 2000 g.

You'll hear Gaston screech in the middle of the night,"Non, non, non! Vous trrrrrrrromper. Le beurre est trop chaud! La farine est trop froide! Avez-vous même de mesurer le lait? Faisons-nous des croissants ou sommes-nous fabriquer des briques!!? Qu'est-ce qu'un crétin!"

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I think it is beautiful, too, but I speak as a retired chemist.  I was tempted to buy a triple-beam balance for my birthday one year, but my husband said it was waste of money unless I wanted it just for nostalgia.  That was the year I bought a Wolfgang mill instead, and I do not regret the choice I made.  I use the mill every day, and I would probably have ended up putting the balance in the living room as another ornament to (not) dust.

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That is a great scale, better than any digital if you are portioning pieces of dough and no batteries or electrical outlet required.


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Cleaned up and repaired (if necessary), that scale will be gorgeous.    And who knows, you may prefer it over your plastic digital scale.

If you didn't see what Faith managed with a dirty, broken sheeter, check out: