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Shopping for Deck Ovens

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Shopping for Deck Ovens

Hello all, 

We are currently researching a new deck oven in our bakery which has limited space and I was looking with professionals here for opinions and reviews on some ideas.

I have worked with TAGH Gas 8 Door Deck Ovens and I'm seeking other sizing as this oven is just a bit too big and slightly over budget.  I know this oven is a champ and works very well with baking artisinal breads and has the features I desire.  The only change I'd make to have a loader that locks in at the top so it can be walked under while not in use. 


I have looked into Empre's Mini Tube Oven which fits the bill for price and seems to have the specs yet I have not used and cannot find reviews from outside of the website.  


I've also looked at the Pavillier (spelling???) modular ovens which look like they may be a solid choice in a small space but once again I have no experience or feedback on these.  


Anyone with other suggestions or maybe some reviews of the above would be greatly appreciated.  


Thanks all



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Please let me know what you find out as I am in the same situation....   currently using hobart convection ovens and need a change...





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Hi Josh,

My name is Bill Lawson, I am the Installation Supervisor for Empire Bakery Equipment and do all of the installations on these ovens.  If you let me know where you are located, I can get you the name of a local reference.  We have installed these ovens all across the US and Canada and probobly have one not too far from you.  We also have a full test bakery in New York on Long Island where you can test bake your product.