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Bosch universal plus compatibility Q for Schnitzer stone mill

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Bosch universal plus compatibility Q for Schnitzer stone mill


I'm a UK based longtime lurker to this forum so was heavily influenced by opinions here when it came the time to choose a stand mixer. I got the Bosch 6N21 which seems to be the equivalent to the Bosch Universal Plus but with a metal bowl and 100 watts.

I wanted a grain mill that would grind corn/maize too and the usual Bosch attachment for this - the MUZ7GM2 - is deemed unsuitable for field corn so I started investigating and found this Bosch Schnitzer model with a stone grinder with pointers everywhere saying that it was compatible with the Bosch 6 range. The mill is the MUZ6GM2

It's not available hardly anywhere  anymore but it does come up on so I made a bid.

And that's when I switched computers to one that will let me open a PDF file and opened the link in that Austrian Bosch-Home web address.  Only then did I see the hidden away "nicht 6N" part which tells me that the Schnitzer/Bosch mill is compatible with the Bosch 6/universal range but NICHT the 6N/universal plus models.  Oh dear!

As I'm stuck with the grain grinder I thought I'd ask whether anyone knew whether I 'could' use it with my 100w Bosch 6N mixer.

Could I get away with it by being very,very careful and keeping the mill always at a low setting?  Or are the potential problems more severe? What should I be aware of?

many thanks for your time with this. 

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The eBay vendor was very understanding about the mill for the MUM6 not being suitable for a MUM6N so I was able to retract my bid and was pleased that they got a good price for it from another bidder.

Thanks to a couple of test subject Assistent mixers. (AKA DLX, Magic Mill, Verona, Electrolux) coming onto eBay UK I managed to snap one up so am now the happy owner of a steel Bosch Universal 1000W and a red Ankarsrum Assistent 800W.

Am now looking for the best grain mill that will handle corn/maize.

I would value any advice or opinions on this. I've foundremarkably little on this subject, particularly with regards to the Ankarsrum Assistent/DLX.

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After taking the plunge and going against the grain (excuse the pun, but I have had to "explain" why I didn't just buy a Kitchenaid instead), I bought a Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Powerful and versitile machine, that it is, there are a lot of attachments available and most are expensive. I did the same thing and lurked on eBay where I stumbled across one of the vintage Schnitzer Stone grain mills made in the '60s. I started doing some fast and dirty research-- where I found that ALL of the older attachments (except the older blender) fits and works on the Newest Bosch mixer, the Universal Plus. The difference is that the Old bowls had a three-point attachment for the lids where as the U+ has a four-point attachment between the bowl and lid. In fact, the flour sifter is available in both a three-point hitch and a four-point hitch so you have to be careful buying it because you need to know how many points the bowl requires of its lid. Therefore I learned that the Schnitzer Stone grain mill has a three-point attachment to fit the older bowls (because it is an older attachment.) I ordered an old style bowl and bought a used Schnitzer Stone grain mill. I located a scanned PDF file of the mill's instruction manual. I then set out to learn how to use it.

Here is what I have learned.

Clean the mill by running rice through it starting at III and incrementally adjust to fine grind to clean the stones. then disassemble and brush the stones with a stiff brush and reassemble. now ready for grain of your choice.

Even if set on fine (I), whole grain will grind pretty coarse. so if I want fine ground flour, I grind on (II) for medium grind and then regrind at (-I, on the tiny side of fine) and I get a flour so fine it has no feel at all like the smoothest talc powder you have ever rubbed between your fingers. I have used this fine flour as pastry whole wheat or pastry whole kamut flour and it exceeded my expectations. yes it took a little time, but no effort as the bosch did all the work. afterwards, the mill gets a good brushing and set aside to cool (three cups of kamut ends up with a very warm stone from the friction--and this stone mill's stone is the largest diameter grinding stone I have seen since getting into all of this five years ago. So yes I let it completely cool before storing it again. the olde-style bowl gets a wash and it and its lid ring gets stored too. Then the new bowl (or the little bowl) gets attached and I start what ever recipe I wanted to make. I love this attachment.

For comparison, I ended up buying a Family roller mill and it came with a Family Grain mill. The FGM requires two passes as well to get fine texture, but it is no where close to the stone mill. I may start pregrinding a coarse grind in the FMG and then fine grinding in the stone mill to lessen the heat, wear and tear on the old boy. BTW the roller mill is wonderful for rolled oats and rolls quinoa beautifully as well.

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Hello - I am trying to locate a copy in English of the instruction manual for the Schnitzer Stone grain mill.  The box to the mill I just purchased has no manual or other information.  I see you found a PDF link.  Can you possibly share it?  Thank you


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KnyghtMare: Can you tell me where you acquired the pdf user manual for the Schnitzer Stone grain mill for the Bosch Universal. I have not been able to locate one and would very much like to download it. I just acquired the Schnitzer stone mill and want to make sure how to use and care for it properly without damage.  Thanks