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Bosch universal plus compatibility Q for Schnitzer stone mill

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Bosch universal plus compatibility Q for Schnitzer stone mill


I'm a UK based longtime lurker to this forum so was heavily influenced by opinions here when it came the time to choose a stand mixer. I got the Bosch 6N21 which seems to be the equivalent to the Bosch Universal Plus but with a metal bowl and 100 watts.

I wanted a grain mill that would grind corn/maize too and the usual Bosch attachment for this - the MUZ7GM2 - is deemed unsuitable for field corn so I started investigating and found this Bosch Schnitzer model with a stone grinder with pointers everywhere saying that it was compatible with the Bosch 6 range. The mill is the MUZ6GM2

It's not available hardly anywhere  anymore but it does come up on so I made a bid.

And that's when I switched computers to one that will let me open a PDF file and opened the link in that Austrian Bosch-Home web address.  Only then did I see the hidden away "nicht 6N" part which tells me that the Schnitzer/Bosch mill is compatible with the Bosch 6/universal range but NICHT the 6N/universal plus models.  Oh dear!

As I'm stuck with the grain grinder I thought I'd ask whether anyone knew whether I 'could' use it with my 100w Bosch 6N mixer.

Could I get away with it by being very,very careful and keeping the mill always at a low setting?  Or are the potential problems more severe? What should I be aware of?

many thanks for your time with this. 

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The eBay vendor was very understanding about the mill for the MUM6 not being suitable for a MUM6N so I was able to retract my bid and was pleased that they got a good price for it from another bidder.

Thanks to a couple of test subject Assistent mixers. (AKA DLX, Magic Mill, Verona, Electrolux) coming onto eBay UK I managed to snap one up so am now the happy owner of a steel Bosch Universal 1000W and a red Ankarsrum Assistent 800W.

Am now looking for the best grain mill that will handle corn/maize.

I would value any advice or opinions on this. I've foundremarkably little on this subject, particularly with regards to the Ankarsrum Assistent/DLX.