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Howdy from Maryland

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Howdy from Maryland


I am Dave, and live just north of DC in the Maryland suburbs.  I have been a sourdough nut since highschool, and that was *** years ago.

I have been baking bread since grade school, starting under the tutalege of my grandmother (of blessed memory). She was a 4H baking tutor and judge. Now when I knead a loaf, I feel still somewhat connected to her.

The site looks good, I hope to learn something here.

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Hi, I live in maryland too.  I'm new to the sourdough scene though.

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Welcome to TFL !

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Up in Germantown here...


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Pop N Fresh

Welcome Dave, you'll find great bakers, great people and most of all great bread at TFL!

Checkout  this group of Wood-fired Bread Bakers in Baltimore:

Great Baking,

From Baltimore

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Susan Kline

Welcome, Dave.  I live in Parkville, MD just north of Baltimore.  When I bake, I feel a connection to my grandmother also.  She actually didn't like to teach us to cook or bake, but she was always at it and I think some of her techniques sunk in just by osmosis.  Also, had a great-uncle who trained as a baker and cake decorator in France before coming to America.  I wish I had spent more time learning from him.  Now I have to take a look at the wood fired Baltimore bakers!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!