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Pain Paillasse ( my version)

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Pain Paillasse ( my version)

This is my version of Pain Paillasse or Swiss Root Bread. The ingredients were given by my husband's collegue who's working in a boulangerie in Géneve. Too bad that he only handed the ingredients but not the measurements and procedures! (maybe he knows that my husband is planning to open a Patissierie/Boulangerie shop again or they really keep the recipe sacred! not secret!) :((  :((

The ingredients he gave us is as bold like this!

**Pain Paillasse ingrédients: Dark wheat flour, Rye flour, Barley flour, malt, Yeast, Wheat Levain, salt

I played with the ingredients in other word experiment (again) !

I added T55 and T65 flour. And here's the result.




has holes.. but I want big holes!!!! :(( :((



Crumb has nice texture.. bit chewy,moist and creamy... :)


Overall... apperance is good! but the crumb, this is not what I want, I wanted with big holes! good oven springs! This is what I get when I don't do cold retard :(

The crust is crunchy, nutty, sweet.

The taste is good... it is bit tangy, nutty and sweet. The after taste is complex! My husband loved it! But I am not satisfied with the appearance (big holes!) and the taste... (maybe because I am more into sweet and nutty taste).

This is right for the persons who loves with tangy taste! :)

Next time I will do 18 hrs cold retard! and change the way I pre-shaped/ shaped to get a good oven springs. I will do another experiment with this bread! from ingredients measurements, timing to proofing! :) :)


Bon Appetite a tous! ♥♥♥




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Frequent Flyer

...especially considering you were not given a formula - only ingredients. 

Was the bread sweet or tangy?  I was a little confused by the description.


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Thank you FF,

Its slightly tangy with sweet, wheaty and creaminess taste... :)

Taste quite appealing, our neigbour loved it (we had dinner with them and brought the 2 breads).

I'll be working on good oven springs next time. I am not satidfied with small holes. :'(

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... and have posted about it on TFL: I found inspiration in the Alpine baguettes, as pointed out in my post. Could you post the recipe you ended up using for your attempt? They look fabulous!




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holes with these non white flours it will be you!  I think they look fabulous - again.  Are large holes normal fotr this bread?


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Thanks again brownman! :)

In my opinion, if I didn't shape the dough into baguette probably will have good holes (?)... since I shaped first into baguette then twisted it suppressed the dough and become tight. But maybe if I will  just cut the dough lenghtwise and roll it on flour and twist then proof it, I will maybe get a good holes?. What do you think? :)

I will try to change my formula on my next attempt. I will use T110 instead of T55 and T65... with slow fermentation. This bread is very intriguing!