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has anyone used prebaked pizza crusts to make grilled pizzas?

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has anyone used prebaked pizza crusts to make grilled pizzas?

I was wondering if anyone has made up some prebaked pizza dough from scratch and then used them to bake a pizza on a bbq grill. If so, is the crust totally baked first or is it partially baked before putting the toppings on and then grilling? 

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At my home, we all love pizza on the grill. Sometimes I use pizza shells from the shop that we sell par-baked. More often I just whip up a quick dough and use that. TFL has lots of posts with quick pizza dough recipes. This one is my quickie go to (I think it's originally from KAF):

6g instant yeast
8g sugar
7g salt
5g nonfat dry milk
141g AP OR Pastry Flour
180g lukewarm water
23g olive oil

Just mix it all up, knead well, let sit 45 min or so and have at it. Feel free to add stuff like parmesan, fresh basil, dried oregano, thyme, garlic, chopped cooked bacon, etc if you want more flavour in the crust

With a dough, I form the pizza, toss it on the grill to get it started. I then remove it from the grill, flip it over, put the toppings on the cooked side, and return it to the grill.

With a par-baked shell, I just top and grill.


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I guess I am asking about the par- baked shells. Are they fully baked or partially baked?Are they frozen?


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I have made my pizza dough at home and baked the pizza on a kamado style grill that afternoon and froze the rest of the dough for later use.  I do not pre bake the crust, make it the same as if you were going to bake it in the oven, put it directly on the pizza stone and enjoy.   I have found that the bottom will burn if I do not use a "heat diffuser"  which in my case is a pizza pan on the lower grate to keep the hot charcoal heat from directly going onto the stone.  You could do the same thing on a gas grill by only light one side and have the pizza stone on the unlit area.  The idea is to get it hot without it being directly over the hot coals.  This method is a close as I can get to a wood fired pizza oven at home.  A good web site to check out is Freds Music & BBQ, he has videos for pizza and many other grilling tips.  

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We make pizza on our kamdo style grill/smoker all the time and I made a video of it last year here is a link to it.



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I have a gas grill that has very uneven heat so I didn't want to totally depend on it for cooking dough or meat toppings from raw. I have done it several ways. One time I put the dough in an iron frying pan  on the grill (no toppings) and cooked it till the bottom was done and flipped it over,put the toppings on the cooked side and continued til it was done. I used only pre-cooke  meats on that pizza style. ANother time I did pretty much the same thing with a metal grill with very small holes-cooking the dough on one side and flipping to top and do the other. I have also had storebought prebaked pizza dough and just thrown it on the grill with all the toppings (again-meats were pre-cooked).All came out delicious,as i recall.