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My Thin Crust Pizza

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My Thin Crust Pizza

I don't know what to cook for lunch... We had steak, salad and bread yesterday... I checked what I have in the fridge... I found some smoked bacon, fresh tomatoes, some emmental cheese, mozarella cheese, prociutto, and luckily I have canned button mushrooms and tomato paste!

I made pizza dough which I can use in 2 hrs (enough time before my hubby comes from work)!

Here are some photos... :)


the pizza dough

after 2 hrs

home made pizza sauce

ready to jump in!

finished product! :) It should be round but I can't make good round shape! :))

I made smaller piece which we gave to our neighbor... :)

*** funny thing was, when my husband came back from work and he saw my pizza he laughed the way I shaped it! (he is good in making pizza, he owned and run pizza shop before). He said, "you can bake breads and cook good... but poor in shaping pizza dough". He will teach me next time! :)

sorry I forgot to take photos of how thin it is... but I can say, it's crunchy! and has holes!☻☻☻