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Baguette avec l'Amour

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Baguette avec l'Amour

I baked Pain de Campagne yesterday and it was like a lightning that they (he invited his friend for a dinner) finished the 1klo bread!!!! I only had a slice and never had a chance to take pictures! I thought, maybe I can make jambon sandwich for my husband for his work. :(

So before going to bed last night, my husband asked to bake baguette for our lunch (oh! what a typical french who loves french bread and can't live without bread on the table!), I told him if he will pay me 5euro for each baguette I will! he said, "keep your baguette!" :))

Here are some photos of my baguette

straight from the oven... still hot!...


I love the caramelization!



not so good scoring (need to replace the blade), but not too bad I guess.... :)

The crumb

The crust

the crumb, close-up


irregular holes.


verdict: taste- is more delicious than the last baguette I baked. Taste little sweet (which we always look for baguette specially my husband [french people I think is not into sour taste], and very nutty! He said my baguette is perfect! He finished one and while I was taking pictures of the crumb, he took the bread and said... "stop taking pictures! let's eat it!" :-)

the crumb is slightly chewy with very nutty taste! the after taste is amazing! it'll exaggerately burst in your mouth!

the aroma is sooooooo good! you can even smell it while you chew, thus will urge you to eat more!

the crust is so crunchy and taste nutty,sweet!

Over all I will say that this baguette is a real keeper! Take note that I always criticize myself and always have a doubt with the bread I bake. If its not good I will tell it is not. But this one, when I took the first bite, the taste linger in my mouth! Taste great! I will definitely bake this over and over again!

*** this is more on nutty/sweet taste. like a typical french bread that we always buy in Artisan Boulangeries...☻☻☻

*** am I being exaggerated? sorry, just very happy with the result. My husband is my biggest fan!☻☻☻***



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ohhh..Lane, This is what i have been trying to achive. Why are they nutty? have you done something special to them? special ingredients??

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Non, I didn't put any special ingredients... I just followed the recipe of my baguette with cold retardation (where I did some changes) but I made some more changes on timing, autolyse, bulk fermentation, S&F, cold retard in fridge and lastly the proofing.

Would love to share you the method, if you like. :)


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Aussie Pete

Hi ChristLane,

Those photos look great. Your Pain de Campagne like my ciabatta disappears like a flash with guest as well. Must be a compliment to the home baker. 

There are so many variations of how people make their baguettes with the basics of  flour, salt, yeast & water. I would love to know how you apply your ingredients with measures and time etc. 

 I can make a nice tasting baguette but I never seem to be able to get the holes that show in so many pictures.  If you don't mind sharing your recipe and method it would be great.



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Hello Pete,

Bonsoir! I adopted the recipe from DonD. Though I made some changes on timing and techniques from autolyse to proofing. But the ingredients and measurements are the same.


 1- I mix flour and blend ICED water (very, very cold!) w/ wooden spatula till it form into shaggy mass. I refrigerate overnight.

 2- Add yeast and water and mix w/ flat beater for 3 mins or until all water has been incorporated. Add salt and beat for 3 mins or until dough slaps side of bowl.

 3- Let rest 15 mins and do S&F in the bowl (20 counts) at 30 mins intervals (2 hrs total) and 2 more times on the working table (4counts) at 45 mins  intervals (1 1/2 hrs total). Put in a lightly oiled container or bowl and cover tightly.

 4- Refrigerate for 18 hours.

 5- Take out from the fridge and put on a lukewarm water for 15 minutes. This will wake up the yeast and do their job aggresively and will create beautiful holes.

 5- Divide dough in 3 and gently pre-shape in boule shape. Let rest 1 hr.

 6-Gently shape baguettes and proof on linen couche for 35 mins.

 7- One hour before baking, preheat oven to 490°F w/ baking stone and cast iron skillet filled w/ lava rocks.

8- Three (3) minutes before you put the baguette in the oven, mist the walls to create moisture, then slash baguettes and transfer baguettes to baking stone in oven. Immediately pour 2/3 cup boiling water on lava rocks. Do the steaming method 3x prior to 6 minutes baking with 2 minutes intervals (2/3 cups boiling water >2mins> spray the wall> 2 minutes> 2/3cups boiling water).

 9- Reduce oven temperature to 460°F f and bake 10 mins. Remove cast iron skillet, reduce temperature to 430°F and bake for another 10 mins on convection mode.

 10- Remove baguettes from oven and let cool a little on a wire rack and eat! French people preferred to eat baguettes while still hot. :)


*** if you will notice I reduced the proofing time as I put the container on the lukewarm water.

Hope this will help. :)



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Aussie Pete

Hi ChristLane,

Thankyou for sharing........much is my recipe for Ciabatta...........Pete.

Recipe for Ciabatta


100g of white bread four

100g of luke warm water

4g instant dried yeast 


Main Dough

500g white bread flour

50g W/meal or W/Meal spelt flour (optional). This adds a depth of flavour to the white flour.

10g salt 

4g instant dried yeast 

20g olive oil (preferably Extra Virgin O/oil)

370g luke warm water if with W/Meal flour

Or   335g luke warm water without W/meal



 1)  Mix in a bowl with a spoon  till all the ingredients comes together as a sticky blob. Cover with glad wrap or clean cotton cloth/ T/towel.

 2)     Let stand for 12 to fifteen hours or overnight. It will double in size in the first hour. Just let it stand covered and let the yeast do its job by developing flavours with the flour.

Main Dough   

1)    On a well floured surface stretch and fold the preferment with the main dough ingredients bringing together. S & F for about 20 folds. Cover and let rise for an hour.

2)  Place on baking on your baking tray.  Let stand and develop rise for 40 minutes covered covered with a T Towel.  Don’t worry about shape too much. It is of rustic appearance.

3)     Heat oven at this point to 200Deg..

4)     Using finger tips dimple the top of the loaf (with bottles still at side of dough). Remove bottles. Using pastry brush generously paint the loaf all over with luke warm water and place in oven to bake.

5)     Use cooling rack when brought out of oven.

Soft chewy crust about 35 to 40 minutes. 

Bon Appetite.....I'm off to make a baguette


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Hello Pete,

My pleasure! I will definitely try your Ciabatta. This also one of my husband's fave! I will surprise him with your recipe. :)

I remember when I first try to bake bread... I chose ciabatta, I thought it's easy to make... oh myyyyy... you will throw it in the bin! My husband didn't eat it! It was hard! dry! full of flour on top! whatever! haha!

I am planning to bake Swiss Root Bread... :)


Bonne nuit...... off to bed... :)


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got the touch and your Hubby owes you 15 Euros!   Very nice baking talent on display as usual.

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Thank you brownman!

He had the 2 baguettes and I had 1! :)) 


your breads looks soooo yummmyyyyyy!!!!!

I made diastatic malt. I followed your procedures. Thank you! It was a big help for me! so hard to find diastatic malt here... :(

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with the malt and thank you for your fine comments. It is fun to make stuff from scratch.  I can't find French flour here and am trying to build it up with similar flours.  Grinding some soft white wheat for it now -  too hot to bake until the A/C comes on anyway.  Still have some bread in the freezer.  Love your bread,

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