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Working on the design

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Working on the design

As y'all can tell, I'm still working on the look and feel of the Drupal-based site. Drupal gives me a lot more flexibility: I can pretty much do anything I want with it. It is just a matter of finding the time and having the inspiration.

A few things I know need to be done:

  • Add username and/or post time to the recent comments and posts on the front page
  • Create a page for all of the favorites
  • Create pages for lessons, book reviews, etc., add them to the top nav.
  • Figure out how to let users add images to blog entries or forum posts.
  • Site FAQs

One of the things I love about Drupal is that forum posts, blog entries, and articles are all basically the same thing: they are all nodes. The forum section gives you a particular familiar way of browsing them, but with the meta tagging it is easy to mark, say, every item of interest about pizza and pull them together into a single page regardless of whether they were entered in the forums or as an article. This seems like a minor thing, but it is amazingly powerful.

Right now I'm the one who adds meta-tags to the vocabulary: the next version of Drupal will allow anyone to add meta-tags to nodes (like you can on Live Journal). I'm super psyched about that, because it'll let everyone organize things they way they find useful.

Anyway, I'm all ears. Please let me know if there are things you like or don't like about the new set up or design, things you miss from the old version of the site, etc. As I said, it is going to take me a little while to get everything organized, but I think ultimately it'll make this site much better.

BTW, have you tried site search yet? I never used search on the old version of the site because it stunk, but this one works very well.

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Hi Floydm,

Well if feel that the old version of this site is more organized and clear for the new people. I noticed that some members picures are missing and i can not read the right part of the posting!
Any way we are waiting for you to complete all the work. Thanks Alot.

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Hey Atlaf -

You are correct: the old version was better organized, and there were much clearer distinctions between what I posted and what other people posted. My hope was to break some of that distinction down, so that it feels more like a community site and less like my site w/ some community on the side. I do need to make it easier to find your way around though, particularly for new folks.

Where are you seeing missing images? The only one I've found was in the christmas shortbread post. I tried to fix it and then realized the image is actually missing from Photobucket, the image hosting service, so it has nothing to do with the move I made.


As far as the right side goes, yeah, I noticed that last night. You are using Internet Explorer on Windows, correct? And it is just the front page that is having right side problems, correct? I will try to fix that as soon as I can figure out what the problem is.

In the meantime, I've got to plug Firefox. The best browser available. I don't know anyone who has tried Firefox that has gone back to IE.

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I got a few of the issues worked out this evening: the right side is no longer blowing out in IE. I also think image upload is working, and I put the timestamp after the most recent comment and forum thread. So things are getting better. Still quite a bit more work to do though.