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College Baker Located in Birmingham, AL!

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College Baker Located in Birmingham, AL!

Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join in on this awesome bread community! I am a college student studying political science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and found my way over here by participating in discussions at  I have loved every moment of baking so far, and tonight decided to try my hand at my first loaf using some pretty basic leftover pizza dough, simple flour, water, and yeast with a bit of sugar. This inspired me to finally join the forum and maybe learn more about the true craft of baking great breads.

Baking breads intrigue me greatly, along with perfecting my pizzas as well! I thought I would offer a picture of my first loaf, or what I guess you could call a baguette of sorts. I tried to steam the oven, but it didn't turn out like I hoped. Maybe it isn't too bad though! Maybe I can get a starter going soon too. I have also tried unsuccessfully for about 3 weeks now, but maybe some Birmingham baker can offer me tips on catching some of this Magic City yeast! LOL! Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting some of you guys and gals and hopefully contributing one day in the future! 

-Cory Baughn

P.S.- How do I upload pictures from my computer using this forum setup?! Haha, thanks!



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Welcome, Cory.

Check out the Photo FAQ for instructions on how to upload images and include them in your post.


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how-to close to the bottom of the page:

Welcome to TFL !


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Here are the first two attempts I ever made at bread. I hope they look okay to you guys! The first was used with leftover pizza dough and the second picture of the buns was made using the Spotted Pig brioche recipe as posted by Kenji Lopez on  The buns were great with a mid-rare burger, I'll never buy buns again.