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Central Milling Flour @ Colorado Costco

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Central Milling Flour @ Colorado Costco

I know some of you have long been able to purchase Central Milling flours (and even King Arthur flours) at Costco. Not so (Denver) Colorado, at least not until yesterday.

I bought 20 lbs. of Unbleached Organic Central Milling AP flour for $10.

It was nice to see something other bleached Conagra.

(I only saw AP flour, but this was the Aurora location, not their best location in Denver by far. Maybe their other locations have CM bread flour.)

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You will now be a happy baker..,


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After reading here on TFL that some Costco stores in Washington and California -- and now Colorado, evidently -- stocked Central Milling flours, I asked about it at my local Costco. The customer service folks pointed me to the cards they have for customer comments, and they swore that the request cards went directly to their buyers. I did this just last week, so I have not seen a response yet. If you want your local Costco to stock Central Milling flours, you should ask. Let's create a groundswell. Really good flour at 50¢ a pound is a terrific idea.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

They also told me to do this, but via the online submission form.

(I guess it wouldn't hurt to do both, and a submission written on a comment card might get to a local buyer's attention faster. I just assume their operations are "top-down" (corp headquarters-to-retail location x) than "bottom up" (retail location x-to-corp headquarters), but maybe they're open to both.


Not sure if I had anything to do with it, but I waged a one-man campaign to get them to stock Made in Nature's Mission and Calimyrna figs. (If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my days, it would be figs, especially the Calimyrna figs). They do to this day, and I eat about 1000 lbs of them a year. :D