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transferring the risen dough when baking

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transferring the risen dough when baking

today i baked a loaf and when i was transferring it from the linen lined basket to clay plate i almost dropped it and its shape became slightly oval :( i dont have peel or anything that could help with transfer. i would like someone to share some simple tip i can use for making a tranfer from basket to clay plate or baking tray without losing much air and shape. 

here's the pic of my loaf


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Hi Yuki-Johan, my very simple lo-tech method is to sprinkle a little cornmeal on the top of the dough, place a square of parchment paper over it, then cover that with a piece of cardboard. Flip the entire thing over so that the loaf is now right way up, slash, and slide it on the parchment onto the preheated stone. I cover my loaf with a big stainless steel bowl and after twenty minutes I remove the bowl and pull out the parchment paper. Very easy and I use the parchment many times, A.

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thats a nice idea :) thanks for sharing.

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I find if you've got parchment paper (not greaseproof paper) then you don't need cornmeal

I put the parchment on top of the dough, then a baking tray upside down (so no edges) on that, then flip the whole lot over, so teh loaf is on the parchment on the tray

Do your slashes, then slide the dough (still on parchment) straight onto whatever surface in the oven (e.g. stone) same as above

I've also used the bowl for steaming rather than steam - think it works pretty well!  Parchment will last 3-5 times depending on temperature