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Help with yeast type please

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Help with yeast type please


I bought a book from a used book store called

The Bakers Manual by Joseph Amendola 3rd Edition (1972)

The yeast called for in this book is not defined as being fresh, dry or instant.

Below is a recipe from the book for soft dough.

I am hoping someone can tell me the type of yeast to use here.


Soft Roll Dough

5 pounds bread flour
2 ounces salt
8 ounces sugar
8 ounces shortening
4 ounces milk solids
3 pounds water (1.5 qt)
4 ounces yeast

Method: Straight dough. Mix approximately 12 minutes at medium speed.

Desired dough temperature, 80F.  1 hour fermentation period.

Scaling instructions: 12oz per dozen rolls. Yield 12 1/2 dozen

Baking instructions: 400F.


I appreciate your help!

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You've got 80 ounces of flour, and 4 ounces of yeast. That's 5% by weight, so I'm pretty sure it refers to fresh block yeast.

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Thanks Jeremy!

Another question,

Milk solids would be skim milk powder?

I have that on hand!

If not, I guess I am going shopping :)

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Milk solids are also one result of clarifying butter. This being an old recipe, I bet that's what it's referring to. Just Google it and skip the pages about powdered milk, and you get things like this: 

That's not a definitive answer to your question. But also consider that 4 oz. of powdered milk would be a lot, enough to make about 1.5 quarts of milk if my calculations are correct.


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I am having the same problem. Many recipe say Yeast but dont mention what type of yeast.

How can I know it they are saying instant or dry ??

I want to make middle eastern bread Manaeesh also known as manakeesh

500g mix of plain, 20g salt, 30g yeast, 20g white sugar, 1.5 cups warm water.

And also wanted to know if I can substitute instant yeast to dry yeast. Will it affect the end product?

Please help


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Mini Oven

instant yeast would be between 7g and 10g

I think 7g of instant yeast would work just fine.  

With warm temperatures, you can even use less instant yeast, 4g to 5g.   :)


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Thanks, will try it. Too hot climate here. will try in between 4 & 5g