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Tartine Sourdough, thanks to TFL!

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Tartine Sourdough, thanks to TFL!

As noted in my previous post, I recently started making sourdoughs breads with no real success.   I had many issues, but fortunately there were solutions thanks to the posts and comments on TFL.

Wet dough sticking to bannetonsChanged to 50:50 rice flour and AP, changed to linen lined baskets, floured more thoroughly
Dense and chewy sourdough as the result of inadequate proof times, and poke test was a false positive.Portioned a small piece of dough and made a mini boule to measure 2x rise during proofing time


To give you an example, here's a previous failed attempt.  A good friend said that it reminds her of a dinosaur skull.


Thanks to the TFL, here's a more successful attempt from the weekend.  This is the Tartine country bread recipe.


A shot of the crumb shows that it's not perfect, but it's significantly better looking and tasting than the dino bread.


I'm going to score the next breads differently to try to promote a different spring.  In addition, it probably could have proofed an extra hour.  My tester didn't fully double, but it was late in the evening and I had to get it in the oven.

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That is some kind of spring.  See how easy it is.  Nice job.

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The latter one looks great.  Nicely done!