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Bread ??? Name???

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Bread ??? Name???

I feel bored yesterday and so I started opening our fridge! I saw some fresh strawberries from my in-law's garden, a frozen beef for roasting, and some left-over bulgur wheat! So I got excited and some thoughts made up, why not making fresh fruit salad? I should roast the beef! and I WANT TO BAKE BREADS! So finally I searched whatever I have in my cupboard.

As I said I love to experiment! I enjoy mixing and baking lol! I don't mind whatever I put (anyway it just only me and my husband who's going to eat the bread) So I baked bread which is actually I don't know what I shall call it. Anyway here are some photos... You may name it..... whatever... ^_^

still cooling...

I accidentally cut the hole! :'((

My husband were sooo hungry and couldn't wait to slice the bread!!!!! I stopped him! ( we were actually eating already) I told him I should take some photos first! :)

The crust! sooo crunchy not bitter but slightly sweet instead!


close-up... the crumb is soft! slightly chewy and sweet. there is something that excites we with this bread! the after taste is different! I may say it is delicious! Mon marie m'a dit il est trés bonne! I am flattered or maybe he's just joking! :))

this one? well the same formula but over proofed!!! I have small baking stone and I baked the batard first which is well-proofed. I thought of putting the boule in the fridge first to slow down the fermentation but my husband kept on talking to me and also I was ironing our clothes, in short... I forgot! So this what happened! When I cut the bread it deflates and became ugly! lol! I shouldn't have cut it! grrrrr!

But still for me it's lovely! My husband asked me what's the name of the bread? I said "I DON'T KNOW" :)) :)) :))

Anyway here is the recipe of this unknown bread:

420g T55 flour

30g Rye Flour ( farine de seigle)

30g W Wheat Flour (T150)

20g Farine de Kamut

2 tbs gluten flour

435g water ( do not worry it will absorb by the soakers) whooping 87%!

10g instant yeast ( had to use higher quantity as I need to bake bread before my husband comes back from work)

12g salt de guérande


2 tbs Oat Bran

2 tbs oat flakes

2 tbs bulgur wheat ( this left-over and already soaked in water you may want to soak it separately first as the water content is not included in the recipe or you may adjust the water)

My procedure:

  • Mix all dry ingredients until all incorporated.
  • Add the water and autolyse for 15mins... becareful not to autolyse more than 15mins as the mixture will expand faster due to instant yeast.
  • Put dough in the mixer and mix for 3-4 mins in slow speed. Then rest for 5mins.
  • Again do the 2nd mixing in moderate speed for 10 mins or until the dough reach its medium window pane test.
  • Put the dough in a slightly oiled bowl and cover tightly. Rest for 20mins
  • Put the dough on the working table and do 1 SF business letter style. Put back in the bowl, cover tightly and let rest again for 20mins.
  • Put the dough back on the working table and do one last 1 SF business letter style. Put back in the bowl, cover tightly and let rest for 25 mins for bulk fermentation.
  • (Meanwhile pre-heat your oven to 250°C together with your steaming apparatus while you are preparing your dough)
  • After 25mins put the dough on the working table and gently de-gas with gentle tapping.
  • Shape to boule or batard or whatever your choices is.... ( no need for pre-shaping) and proof for 45mins. Do not over proof! otherwise your bread will look like my round one! lol! :))
  • When your oven is ready, 3mins before you put your dough spray the wall of your oven with water to create moisture inside.
  • Then score the dough and put on the baking stone and put 2/3 of boiling water to create steam. I always do within 6 mins of baking I make sure I make steam by spraying the wall and or by pouring ample amount of boiling water that's how I get a wonderful crust color. After 10 mins remove your steaming apparatus and continue baking for 25-30mins on 230°C
  • Turn off your oven and leave the loaf inside with the door ajar for 5-10mins.

let it cool on the wire rack.


We ate the piece after 5hrs. and sooo yummy! I made jambon sandwich with the other loaf for my hubby so he have something to eat at his work!

Eventually... you can modify this by using sourdough starters and do the overnight retardation in the fridge... Well definitely I will do it the next time...

Meanwhile I am making DMSNYDER "Steve's Pugliese Capriccio" and I am still on the stage of refreshing my starter. lol.



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Wow, good looking bread and great pictures... I often say to myself... the only ones we need to impress is our own selves, because we are the ones eating that bread... Good Job!

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Thank you gmagma! :)

Yes you are right! I much say that every bread I bake even if its not good my hubby still says it is! lol! but for me I know it is not! or maybe french people do know more about breads as I am not used to it. I know him if I cook good food he will say "il est bonne!" for 10x or more and he will ask me how I cook the particular food. And if he is not satisfied.... he will just simply say " ça va" "pas mal". maybe that's his way to say not good so I will not get disappointed and hurt my feelings... but I am different to him, I often criticize myself, I say boldly, "IT IS NOT GOOD" and I will keep on thinking what's gone wrong with my recipe! lol! :)

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It looks great and it sounds like you are a perfectionist so it is only going to get better!  Keep on baking!


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A lady in France, jandeo, used to post here on TFL quite often. I don't think that she has in at least 2 or 3 years.  However, she has two French-language blogs.  One, au levain, is about breads.  The other Saveurs de Famille, seems to have a broader range.

Whether or not Jane is still operating either blog, I do not know.  However, you may find some things there that are of interest.  And perhaps easier to read, too!  ;-)