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I love experementing though I am newbie in baking and the result? I don't know... lol... I know there are mistakes with my formulations... you may correct me anytime and I will improve later with your help. :)

3 different shapes! lol! :)


the crumb.... slightly chewy and tangy with little sweetness... imppecable after taste! feels like it melts in your mouth!

the crust is not that thick but crunchy!


I used T65 farine and little Farine de Seigle and liquid levain... I think the next time I will make this, I should mix with T55 flour?



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fine example of great bread.  You have the touch all right.  Another fine bake!

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I am really flattered with your comment dabrownman... I wish I could post the formulations... but I forgot!!!!! :(( :(( :((

I never write the formulations for my breads I just mix and mix and bake! silly me! I wonder if I will get the same result if I will try to bake ciabatta again. :(( :((

My husband got mad at me for this. He said that I should have written all my formulations so he bought me pen and notebook! lol!


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Very mouth watering pictures! Keep baking-you definitely have a gift!

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Thank you clazar!!! :)

Honestly, This was my childhood dream... I think its happening now! and I'm really enjoying it! :)

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Very nice bake.

You should heed your husbands advice and keep notes.  I find it helps so you can make modifications for your next attempt.