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Hello from Philadelphia

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Hello from Philadelphia

Hi everyone!  I've been baking sourdough from the Tartine Bread book for about two weeks.  Prior to that I had focused solely on cultivating a (now reliable) starter.  

Across many searches Google kept sending me to this site.  Figured I should become a member now.  Glad to be here!

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Pop N Fresh


A Welcome from Philly.  I teach Baking & Pastry in Philly. 

If you are interested in Sourdough and possibly Wood-oven baking of breads, please check this out in Baltimore area:

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I found this site as well when trying to find tips on cultivating sourdough starters.  My starter is on Day 3 and I am anxiously waiting to see how its going to turn out.  This is my first time cultivating a starter and when I saw more bubbles this morning I was elated! It is truely exciting!

Happy Baking!