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Focaccia Comparable to BBA

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Focaccia Comparable to BBA

I made the focaccia from BBA this morning. I loved how it turned out, but it took a really long time to make. Does anyone have a recipe that will yeild a focaccia similar to his recipe in less time. I am planning on using this for sandwiches for our restaurant, which is why I need something a little quicker!




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thomaschacon (not verified)

Make the poolish the night before (Day 1) then increase the yeast or temperature (or both yeast and temperature) on Day 2. Increase by how much? That you'll have to experiment with, but try +10 F and +1/4 yeast and increase or decrease to suit your needs.

You could probably do the same with his regular foccacia; but, it won't be as flavourful as the poolish foccacia, which will have an overnight fermentation to bring out some flavour.

Good bread takes time. If you change a bread recipe to speed up fermentation (like by increasing yeast and temperature), the bread that results will almost invariably be an inferior product to the original recipe.


If you want to try a different recipe, can I recommend Nancy Silverton's, which also uses an overnight poolish (sponge)?,0,1189999.story

Her's takes 3.5 hours on Day 2.

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great to see Nancy Silverton on the 'Masters with Julia Child' over this past weekend on PBS.  She made a flat bread that ended up 4" high, a focaccia and her famous olive bread.  She look very young, like I did way back then when the La Brea Tar Pits had dinosaurs roaming around them.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

But you can still find them on YouTube:

I still haven't made that really involved brioche dessert. It's on the list. :)

All of the recipes are in Baking with Julia:

That book also has Steve Sullivan's (Acme Bakery) multi-stage baguette and Michel Richard's Tourte Milanese, the tourte to end all tourtes (video here: puff pastry, ham, cheese, eggs, cheese, spinach, cheese!!!

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i made the BBA focaccia without the overnight refrigeration rest.  turned out fine. Be sure you work the dough properly on day one and just bake it after the rise.