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Basic whole wheat sourdough

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Basic whole wheat sourdough

Here's a basic whole wheat sourdough loaf.  I finally got a decent rise and all.

50g sourdough starter (whole wheat, 100% hydration)

475g whole wheat flour

350g water

1/2 tsp salt

Bulk fermentation about 6-7 hours, proofing about 90 minutes.

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Nice Bake!

How about a little introduction? In what part of the world are you located? How long have you been baking? Which bread books are you reading?


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Thanks!  I'm in Costa RIca.  I've been using a bread machine for about 5 years, and started baking without it around a month ago (though I had previously baked stuff like pizza dough, calzones, and pitas in an oven using the bread machine on just its dough cycle).  No books.  Mainly, I've just been looking at this site and breadtopia.  I'm all about making simple nutritious bread (in my mind sourdough counts as simpler than baker's yeast because it's removing a store-bought ingredient).  A one-recipe kind of personality :-).  I started off wanting to do no-knead, but so far I've gotten better results with kneading, and it's not hard work.

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That's a decent loaf, YesMaybe, paticularly so soon after abandoning the bread machine.  You no doubt know that this site is additive and very helpful.  There are a lot of nutritious recipes here so that you can expand your menu (and waistline).

Happy Baking

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Hi there,

I'm trying out your recipe today, but with a few changes. This is because of my method - I like to mimic the world-famous Boudain bakery's method of fermenting the dough in the fridge for 48 hours (after 3 hours of rising time, where I de-gas the dough twice) before baking. There's nothing quite like waiting 24+ hours only to have something not work out, so here are my insurance measures for my first-ever whole wheat sourdough:

- I'm doubling the starter (my trusty-dusty recipe calls for a starter:water/flour ratio twice as high as that listed here). Since my hubby and I love a sourdough that twinges your jaw with sourness, I think this'll do the trick! 

- I'm adding a pinch of yeast (I understand that in winter the yeast in a starter might fail, so this is my insurance against a flop with my trusty-dusty recipe!)

-Since I haven't done a long ferment with whole wheat flour, I'm going to bake half my dough after 24 hours and the other half after 48 hours to see which is the best mix of sour/rising level... I'm just getting a little nervous about whole wheat flour not rising after that long in the fridge, so I might shorten the times a little bit. 

So, now I'm an hour into resting the dough and it's raising quite nicely (phew!). I'll post back once I'm done de-gassing it, and again after each round of baking. That way, I can keep track of my results and I can share with anyone else who's curious. 

Wish me luck!!



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I have my oven preheating right now, I'm about to be baking my first whole wheat sourdough!! I was encouraged yesterday when following my bread-flour sourdough recipe -- the whole wheat version degassed just fine. The dough has been in the fridge for 24 hours, and resting at room temp for the last 2 hours before baking. During that 26 hours, it's risen! Not a lot, not maybe as much as bread-flour versions... 

Cross my fingers, I'll post back with the results of my first rolls!!!

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Okay, the bread turned out delicious!! It rose, not quite as much as with bread-flour, but rose better than my other whole wheats have recently (and I'm only doing 67%-80% whole wheat to bread-flour!). I got impatient and cut it open after only like 5 minutes, and steamed POURED OFF so I'll have to force my patience tomorrow night.

My husband thought it tasted a bit sour, but it was not sour to my liking. No problem, my classic bread-flour sourdough tastes not-so-sour if I ferment it less than 48 hours so I wasn't expecting perfection... yet. Tomorrow night's bake will be at 48 hours, so I look forward to tomorrow's results!

Original poster, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS RECIPE!!! This is my best ever whole wheat attempt, *so happy*!!