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I did it, I created my first baked product.  I think this may be the start of a very long friendship...Today I arived home from school, I attend Le Cordon Bleu of Atlanta, and decided to challenge this crazy thing called "baking" again.  I have tried to make bread about 3 times before now and have messed something up every time.  But this time was different, I did everything correct.  I made pita's, I know it was just pita's but for a person who has never baked a thing right in his life, except for that box cake I purchased at the super market, I was happy.  I will get a picture of them to post because they just look so tasty.  I just wan't to thank the people who created this site with wonderful instructions and pictures to go along.  Thank You for helping me achieve this goal, I'm going to continue to explore my baking skills so that I can have an advantage when I reach my baking and pastry class in a few weeks.   "Yesss!!!!" ahh...I'm so excited.


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It was a good idea for you to begin with a relatively simple bread.  Another one you might like to try is pizza crust.  Low difficulty for a really tasty return.  I think there's a recipe on this site somewhere........


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But be warned , its an addiction! But a good one. Every one here is very helpful, and very inspiring. I agree with Sue, pizza dough is pretty easy. I don't know if anybody else on here uses it, but I LOVE the King Arthur Pizza Dough Flavor additive. I don't know whats in there but when you open the package, its that pizzeria smell. Yum! It sure kicked my crust up a notch. You may can find it at the Whole Food Market there, or if not it can be ordered from their catalog. Good luck, and keep at it.

                                                                  From one Southerner to another,