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Ed-ja-ma-cation question

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Ed-ja-ma-cation question

Hello! I am a beginning bread baker, and I am loving it.  Has anyone taken a course at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina?  They have some bread baking classes, and I have been eyeing them for awhile.  However, I am going thru Peter Reinhart's Bakers Apprentice and I am interested in learning so much more.  Like most people, I have limited time/ money  for classes/ courses and one trip to SFBI or KAF or where ever is pretty much my limit.  I do enjoy learning on my own, but, all that sticky dough gets dang annoying sometimes.  Whats a gal with serious intentions to do?-------- Tanya

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You may get what you want by working with a local mentor, someone who's got lots of experience and is willing to teach you.  Post your location a bit more specifically and ask on this website.

I also recommend that you look into the purchase of a text book (e.g., DiMuzio's Bread Baking, or Floyd Mann's The Fresh Loaf) instead of learning from a bread cook book.  Texts take you from the ground up and, as in DiMuzio's, give you graded series of exercises.

Also, do you study the numerous videos reachable through the link above and elsewhere through Youtube and other video sites?


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Just last month someone posted an inquiry-do a search here. I think it was in a blog (bottom left of the home page)

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I am not sure of your current employment status. But one thing I am considering to gain experience and knowledge you can't find in the self-taught realm, is soliciting an internship, i.e. volunteering at a local bakery. Find a local bakery you enjoy and produces the kind of product you want to learn and approach them and see if mabye they'd let you help out once a week in exchange for education. I plan on doing this just to gain some work setting experience to put on my resume so I have a chance a getting a job as a baker. I have the knowledge but the paper proof lacks.