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Howdy folks, It’s Moby from Dallas TEXAS!!!

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Howdy folks, It’s Moby from Dallas TEXAS!!!

Hello folks,

I'm new in here.  I seek advice on baking outdoors.

I plan on building a brick oven but that might be a while.

I also seek advice on how to make bread while camping on a dutch oven.

I have a smoker I feel I could use with a dutch oven now.

I love cooking outdoors, love bread, just haven't put the two together yet.


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My old Boy Scouts' Handbook, ca 1956, covered camp cooking, including bread making, pretty well. (If I'm remembering correctly) I doubt the newer editions do so, but maybe you can find an old one.

A proper Dutch oven will have a built-in trivet, i.e. legs, so the bottom is not in direct contact with the coals, and the top will be at least partially concave to hold two or three coals about the size of commercial briquettes.

It's not that hard, and since you're usually famished by the time a camp meal is ready, the bread will nearly always taste better than it is. :)



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Hi Moby,

I'm very interested in your plan to bake bread in your smoker.  Like you, I have distant plans for a permanent outdoor oven, and am thinking about ad hoc alternatives in the meantime. I think we're going to pick up a steel drum, to use much like your smoker, and insulate it with a layer of clay. But that's about as far as my mental planning has gone.

Please be sure to share your triumphs & failures!