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ianfitzpatrick Hot or Not....for bread

Hi All,

Long time lurker, first-time poster.

So I've been fooling around with a weekends project, and just launched it last night.

Short version:  It's Hot or Not for bakers.  I'd love if you could check it out, and give me your take on it.

Long version:  I often come to this forums for inspiration, and to just generally gawk at all the amazing pictures.  I'm total newb when it comes to baking, but am really enjoying it.  While perusing the photos here, I thought it would be cool if all the photos could be in one place and I could keep track my favorites, or or vote on the best ones.   It also occured to me that folks use Photobucket and services like that to post photos, but a photo hosting service that was designed just for bakers could have some advantages.

So I created a super basic protoype version of a photo upload and voting site, just for bakers.

What I really want to know is, do you think something like this could actually be useful to you?  Or at least, fun?  Any suggestions or additions you can think of?  I have my own laundry list of ideas, but I'm really interested in hearing from others.

Just want to be clear:  I am absolutely not trying to compete The Fresh Loaf in any way.  I got floydm's go ahead before posting here, beacuse I didn't want to be spammy or annoying.  Hoping Hawt Bread can compliment what goes on here.

So, whaddya think?




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thomaschacon (not verified)

Maybe if the loaves were photographed in more suggestive poses, it would be more engaging.


Or maybe it could be like Star Search, where people vote 5 stars for crust, 4 for crumb, 4.5 for appearance, etc.

It's neat, I think, but what's the value proposition?

A bunch of people vote on a bunch of photos and there's a tally of hottest loaves with links back to their respective recipe pages or blog posts? That would be useful, but there are entire websites that do this already:

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Woah I hadn't seen foodgawker, thanks for that.  Kind of has a pinterest style interface huh?

The multi-category voting is interesting.  I was also thinking maybe could do the tagging thing, where you could see certain kinds of loaves, or ingredients, or whatnot.

In terms of the value prop, I'm hoping seeing a bunch of photos in one place and cycling through them quickly is  Can fun be a value proposition? 

Otherwise I was thinking just a way to reduce the friction when it comes to sharing photos.  So eventually include facebook integration, or an easier way to share a photo in a forum, that kind of thing. 

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Hi LindyD -- Have you ever submitted a photo to those sites (other than TFL, natch)?  If so why/why not, and how was that experience?  Just trying to get a sense of the space.