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Sunny Florida says Hello!!!!!

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Sunny Florida says Hello!!!!!

Hello.  So glad I came across this site, and can't wait to start baking with the "newbie" recipes :)

My wife and I were recently going through my grandmothers old recipes and came across one to make a loaf of bread.  I tinkered with it a bit, but it came out just meh.  I used some of both wheat flour and unbleached bread flour.  

I must admit that I took it out of the oven around midnight, so the bread was on my counter for about 8 hours while I went to sleep.  When I woke up, the crust was pretty hard - not something you'd want from a "loaf" of bread for sandwhiches or toast.

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Mini Oven

The dried surface will moisten up a little if you seal it inside a container or plastic bag for the day.   Not to worry.  

Did you know?  Newbies are also good at making french toast!  And if not, you soon will be.  :)   

If you ever want to post Grandma's recipe, I'm sure you can pick up some suggestions to improve it.  Lots of fun stuff to try since Grandma's time!


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I made another loaf today to get some more practice.  This time I followed a beginner guide on here, and coated the top of the bread with some water, as well as poured warm water into a dish in the oven to produce some steam.  The crust came out better.  Practice makes perfect!

Tomorrow I am going to try making a loaf and mix Cheeses or Herbs into it.  Haven't looked for a recipe here yet, but I will.

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Welcome, but it's only Sunny in Florida in-between the thunderstorms!!!!  This is the website for learning everything bread it's good to have you here and good luck with your bread journey.