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Newbie Here

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Newbie Here

Hello Everyone,

What an amazing forum! I bake but I have not tried my hand at breads yet.  I'm anxious to do lots of reading here and try my hand at the art of baking bread. 

Thank you for accepting me as a member.

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Greetings from another sweet baker gone to "the savory side."

(Quite some time ago, but still...!)

Where are you located? What kind of bread will you tackle first? Do you have any bread books yet (and if not, why not, heheh)?

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Greetings to you!

I'm going to start with something easy.  What did you start with?  Have you given up sweet baking? 

My only bread book is Crust And Crumb. Most of my baking books have bread recipes. I have never tried any bread recipes which require yeast or kneading. I have made a few batter breads though.

I'm from the US, where are you from?



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Hi guys,

I have decided to start baking my own bread at home recently. Glad to see I am not the only one getting what appears to be a late start. Seems a little overwhelming sometimes. Do you (plural) use package yeast or sourdough cultures? I ask because I am in China where package yeast is hard to come by and i am limited to my sourdough. Any advice is appreciated.



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Hi Kyle - welcome to teh forum!

There are loads of folks using sourdough - and loads using yeast - and of course, loads using both!  Check out the Baker Blogs for a lot of sourdough stuff, and also the discussion boards in the forum on Artisan Breads and the dedicated Sourdough one

Whereabouts in China are you?  My partner's daughter is in Shenzhen for a year...


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Mini Oven

and ash content.  Very weak for sourdoughs!   Adding a raw egg white to the dough improved it greatly,  had no problem finding instant yeast in little packages.  How's your flour situation?  If you can afford walnuts stock up now because in a few months you won't be able to find any.  


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I live in Shanghai, so we can find all kinds of flour, but I prefer the walmart brand as they have High Gluten and Low Gluten 5kg bags. I started a sourdough from an instant yeast package, maybe that is part of my problem. Yeast is available but it is all for Mantou, a kind of chinese bread that is unlike any western bread.

I use 2 cups of high gluten flour and 1 cup of low when I bake, but I feed my starter only high gluten. I am having several other problems at the same time and so forgive me if I am short on details. Thanks for the help, I will try the egg white next time.


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Hi !
I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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Thanks everyone, for the nice welcome.