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Hi from Denmark

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Hi from Denmark


I've been trying to bake sourdough bread for a few months now all learned from the Internet.

Love the enthusiasm here in this forum, just really amazing.


English is not my main language and i must say it's a little difficult to get the handle of

the different terms or "baker words" aka.. Retard, proofing, and the English metric scale.. damn, damn...

But hey, i get the hang of it over time :D

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Jeg er også ny her og har kun nyligt begynt at bage med surdeg. Held og lykke til deg. Dansk er ikke mitt sprog men jeg har lært det for længe siden.

English translation:
I am new here as well and have only recently begun baking with sourdough. Good luck to you. Danish is not my language but I have learned it a long time ago.

Olof in Iceland

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Welcome and worry not about the language.  There are undoubtedly many here who speak Danish and can help with the translation.  If that fails, I have a number of Danish friends who would help with translations.

Happy Baking,