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Should I start my own?

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Should I start my own?

OK, many moons ago, I made my own sourdough starter. My wife (at the time) thought it was pretty good. So, I now have a new wife, so anything old is not good. Should i get an "old" starter on the internet, or - as some suggest - reinvent the wheel?

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No matter what you do, after several weeks/months of refreshments, your starter will be the same. It will be affected by the local bacteria in the air and it will adjust to select its own strains that flourish in your area.  Don't anguish over it.

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TFL's sourdoughlady's pineapple / orange starter method.  I used orange, it was easy (or I couldn't do it), fool proof and makes great bread in about 2 weeks. 

New is best when old just won't do :-)

Just search starters.