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Paris Bread

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Paris Bread

I'm just a bread-lovin' girl on her way to Paris, and while I can't wait to wander and nibble, I was wondering if any of my fellow cold-fermenters had some ideas about must-much loaves while I'm there...


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I just saw this story:

That gives you a few places to start.

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If you are gooing between th 14-20th May then you are in luck as they have the annual "fete du pain" at that time with bakers all over France doing something special


you can find this on the french language site

I would recommend you look at the english language site www.french-at-a-touch/gourmet/bread.htm  Has a lot more about interesting things re bread in France

This site has lots of info besides bread for those coming to france

Hope you have a super holiday



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Well I see the CNN story covers Poilane never having been in Paris or Europe in general for that matter if I was going this would be my first destination.

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Re Poilane, you can get that here in London, I really don't know what the fuss is all about. Perhaps I should pay the Parisian shop a visit to be fair.


Eric, your link doesn't work, I was going to re do it for you but it doesn't exist in fact it links back here from google. : -)