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Hello from Leeds UK

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Hello from Leeds UK

Love the site!
Super recently decided to start baking made a couple super simple loaves and can't wait to try some of the awesoe looking recipes on the site!
Quick question;

Can i use plain flour instead of strong flour?????
Went and bought the wrong flour :s


Much Love


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Plain flour in the UK has pretty low protein. I think you'd be better off with bread/strong flour for leavened bread. You could use the plain flour for some soda bread.


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I think it just depends on what you're baking.  For the baguettes and other hearty loaves, higher protein is best, but to be honest, I've used plain flour in Pullman loaves, white sandwich bread, dinner rolls, croissants and other laminated breads.  Using low protein flour is often times a better option.  Try it and see what you turn out.. It's fun to experimentanyway!  Goodluck to you.

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Welcome on board,  a fellow UK TFLer. :)  Hope you enjoy here as it's such a lovely community.

Re plain flour, yes, there're some breads that can be made with low protein flour but those need certain technique and experience.  If you're new to bread making, it's much better to start with strong/plain flour with high protein level; a sort of flour that is sold as 'bread flour.'   Dough made with low protein flour like plain flour is quite difficult to handle unless you're really used to it.  I've been baking breads for donkey's ears and I do bake French style breads like baguette often which does benefit from lower protein flour than standard UK strong flour, but I only mix up to 30 - 35% plain flour to strong flour.  Anything higher proportion than that, it becomes almost un-manageable. 

There're lots of use for plain flour, like cakes, biscuits, crumbles, fritter batter, bechamel sauce,  etc. etc.  so it won't be wasted. ;)


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Welcome to TFL, it really is a wonderful site, and everyone is so helpful .  I have found the "search" button to be the best source of immediate help - when your dough just doesn't look or feel right, when it comes out of the oven like a brick, when even a permanently hungry husband will not eat it etc.  Good luck with your bread making, post some pictures soon !