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Muntons Yeast in Bread?

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Kav Daven

Muntons Yeast in Bread?

Ok, making bread got me to reading about bread making. Go figure.

I learned that women were making bread from beer yeast. They were making beer not for the sake of beer but more to safe guard water supplies. The left over yeast went for the their bread.

I'm going to make a sandwich bread tomorrow morning ( with Muntons Active Ale Yeast. 

Has anyone attempted this folly? What should I expect? Explosive dough, strange flavors or nothing at all?

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...have often been selected for their flavor producing esters, as well as their converting sugar to alcohol ability. Depending on the yeast strain you may detect some flavor not ordinarily found when using bread yeast. Otherwise, beer yeast in dough will behave much like bread yeast. I've done it with wine yeast, ,but not yet with beer yeast.

David G

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Egypt the bakery was next to the beer brewery since they used the same wild yeasts.  Whatever wild yeast you could cultivate was used for both.  Many use beer in bread to replace water and have also used wild yeasts used for bread to make beer.