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Mixer vs 100% whole wheat

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Mixer vs 100% whole wheat

This mixer just walked into my kitchen.

Does anyone have any recommendations concerning the maximum amount of time to mix 100% whole wheat without destroying the gluten?

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Start with 3 minutes on speed one to mix.  Then finish with 3 1/2 minutes on speed two.  I do not know what kind of quantities you mix but I would stay well below the mixer's stated capacity for whatever dough you are using.


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My wife uses speed 1, for about 10 mins.

What she does, it put the liquid ingredients into the bowl 1st, on speed one, and then adds flour, gradually, until consistency is right. Then she takes it out, sprayes the bowl with olive oil, puts the dough back in, and runs it for 10 on speed one. My o my it is good bread!