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Grain Suppliers in the UK

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Grain Suppliers in the UK


I started home milling about 8 months ago now and have had trouble tracking down a decent supply of organic grain in the UK for home milling, recently I managed to link up with a very helpful, very friendly farmer and thought I would share the experience.

Whilst searching for farmers who might be willing to supply smaller quantities (where smaller = 25Kg) I managed to find the website for a UK cooperarive called Organic Arable and dropped them an email, they were very friendly and put me in touch with Howard Roberts at Hammonds End Farm near Harpenden. He was amazingly helpful and I've managed to buy about a years worth of grain, they sell in 25Kg sacks, all organic, soil association certified as well. (

They have wheat, spelt, oats & rye. Two varieties of wheat, Paragon & Amaretto, the 2011 crop has around 13% protein in both varieties. I've bought 25Kg of both Paragon & Amaratto and done some milling with the Paragon so far and that has a lovelly taste, on the taste front the Paragon is stronger than the Amaretto so I'm told. The grain itself was very clean compare to the previous grain I've had from a different source that had lots of chaff, stalk and grass/poppy seed and had to be hand cleaned before milling.

If you are in the UK and need some grain I can heartily recommend them.



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Hi Kate,

Thanks for the information. I find it particularly interesting as I used to play golf in Harpenden!  ..... though they seem to have started the farm a few years after I stopped playing.   

I think it'll be some time until I commit myself to home-milling, but according to their site a nearby watermill seems to be milling and selling their wheat.  I'll definitely go there soon to buy some flour.  Thanks for the great information. :)

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karen au

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for sharing that - I am interested in milling my own grain as I have yet to find a british flour supplier that I like the taste of...Have you tried Gilchesters? Despite good recommendations, I find a bitter aftertaste... Anyway I want to ask what model mill you are using and where you got it?

Thanks so much