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McCormick & Schmick's Seafood restaurant BREAD

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McCormick & Schmick's Seafood restaurant BREAD

I LOVE McCormick & Schmick's bread. Not sure if their bread varies by what state they are in... This one is in Chicago on Wacker.

This lovely bread has soft golden brown crust and is nice and fluffy. It has a sour dough/vinegar taste to it.

I have baked sourdough bread before, but the crust has turned out to be very hard.... How do I get the crust to be softer?

And does anybody have any idea what kind of bread McCormick & Schmick's in Chicago bake???

Thank you!

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To get a softer crust, I usually bake the bread on a lower temperature. Baking at about 350-375F tends to give me a crust like sandwich bread.

You might also try putting the cooled loaf of bread in a plastic bag. That softens it up.

If you keep the humidity in the oven high while the bread is baking that's supposed to yield a soft crust, but you have to keep the humidity high through the whole thing or you'll get the opposite result. I've never done this one.

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