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How can I use this mess o'dough?

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How can I use this mess o'dough?

Hi Freshloaf! First post and wanna say THANKS to this site, I'm a novice bread baker and learning a ton here. I've been experimenting with reducing the amount of yeast in my breads and having them rise for longer to bring out better flavor. Last night I prepared a dough, about %70-72 hydration (don't have a scale yet so I've been eyeballing things based on consistency of the dough) using bread flour and only two pinches or so of yeast. I stuck it in the fridge and almost 24 hours later I see no evidence of activity in the dough whatsoever. For now I'm leaving it out on the table to see if it just needs a little more encouragement, but let's say the yeast died completely. Is there any way I could use this dough still? Mix it in to something else, add something, tender-lovin'-care it somehow? It feels like just adding some yeast isn't going to work... Thanks friends!

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You have half of a dough....kind of.

Now you have to get the rest of the dough together.

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You need to give the yeast a chance to multiply, and at 40 dF they aren't much interested in that. You need to give your dough some time at a warmer temperature - probably many hours.  You didn't say how much flour those two pinches of yeast were mixed with, so it's hard to say how much time.

If you want to use just a little yeast, think about using a pre-ferment - a sponge or poolish or a biga.


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I did this the other day, I made up some that just didn't want to rise the yeast was working because there were holes in the dough when I pulled from the bottom but just wasn't rising, after 3 days of waiting to get some rise I just couldn't take it any longer. (the weather has been fairly chilly here in Long Beach) I finally put 1/2 cup of warm water, some yeast and sugar in my mixer then cut the dough into chunks and mixed it all back together into a kind of soupy mixture then added flour to the consistency I wanted (no measuring going on her just winging it) shaped it  and put it into baskets, within a few hours I had good rise and after being baked the flavor was fantastic. 

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Mini Oven

Spread the dough out flat and mist it with water lightly,  sprinkle on anywhere from half to the full amount of yeast in the recipe,  fold and lightly knead the yeast into the dough and let it rise in a warm spot.   Fold the dough, say every half hour to even out the temps in the dough until you feel the dough is rising nicely and ready to shape for a final rise.   Even when the dough sits wet without a lot of rising, the dough improves in flavour.  Not to worry one little bit!  :)