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Rustic French dough trough

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Pioneer Foodie

Rustic French dough trough

A while ago I saw a link here to a video (in French) about a rustic French wood-fired bakery. In the video one baker worked up about 50 lbs. of dough by hand in a wooden trough in about five minutes. 

I can't find the link now. Does anyone have a link?

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The first video is a beautifully evocotive short film of French baker Stéphane Marrou from à AZILLANET. The second video is Nicolas Supiot.

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Are a thing of the past.  My friend who is a professional photographer uses injection molded facsimiles for her infant photo shoots.  She showed me the site but I'd have to ask her again.  They were not cheap, but were much less expensive than the real thing.  To all in the Appalachian area, look at garage sales for these, most young folks looking to liquedate the extraneous stuff at their old homes don't know what they've got.  BTW, the plastic versions look as good as the real thing, the only thing I didn't like was the embossed grain on the inside.


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I believe the video you refer to is the one be found through this link:

Please note that the site now charges for access to the film.

With that in mind you might like to check out this comment of Freerk's.

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But it's at least a hundred years older than the one used in the video.  I've never made dough in it, but I've set dough to rise in it and it works beautifully.  Mine has a lid.

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You can also see dough boxes in active use in the videos in this article from, by MC on her interviews and visits to Gerard Rubaud at his home-based bakery in Westford, Vermont.  His is an old-school style bakery, and he makes use of dough boxes he had replicated from the old traditional designs, as he did much of what is in his bakery.  The videos are down toward the bottom of the article, but don't just skim over the rest to get there.  This is a beautiful series, and dough boxes are not the only thing that makes it worthwhile.


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Pioneer Foodie

Thanks to everyone who responded with videos of dough boxes and troughs. Apparently they are not a thing of the past, but are still used by traditional artisan bakers.