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Dough Sticks to Banetton

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Dough Sticks to Banetton


Need help on this... I have just started using a banetton and finds that the dough sticks to the banetton even though I have given it a good dusting of flour.

Can anyone tell me how to do it right ! Do I wash the banetton after using it ? ( I had to wash mine the last time cos of the dough that was left behind from the sticking )

Look forward to your kind instructions  = )



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I was having similar problems, but found that dusting with a mix of 50% wheat flour, and 50% rice flour prevents sticking.  I believe I first heard of this in the Tartine Bakery book.

Good luck!

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I will try it the next time I bake my breads.

Thanks = )


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Teflon :)


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Try a very light coating of a release spray and then coat with straight rice flour.Best place to find it is an Asian grocery.


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Rice flour works for me, like a charm. It has never sticked for me! I use Bob's Red Mill rice flour, which is readily available at grocery stores in my area, and I think it's very cost-effective. I use a small sieve to dust the bannetons, so I make sure to get good coverage, rotating and tilting the banneton under a sifting of the flour to get as much coverage as possible. But it's a light dusting, not heavy at all. I estimate I use a slight bit less than 1/8 cup per banneton.

I never wash my bannetons; I think that would make them more prone to cause dough to stick because water will raise the grain on the wood, even though willow is not especially grain-y. After using them, I shake the remaining flour out over the sink. I store my bannetons in a sealed plastic bag.

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I spray mine with pan release and then flour them. I can usually use them twice by flouring them a second time and then  I use a  brush to clean out the bannetons when they are empty.

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I would never spray a banneton or brotform unless they were made from plastic. The rattan would most likely absorb some of the oils and become really gunky over time... If the dough sticks, add more flour or try the rice flour. Don't wash the banneton EVER. If you have to (because they somehow got contaminated), dry them thoroughly in a warm oven afterwards.