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Taro Bread

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Taro Bread

Hi all, I'm looking for anyone who would know how to make any version of this.  When we were in California we visited a bakery who sold it which was very good.  I'd like to make it here (in Florida)...

I was thinking I could take a potato bread recipe and exchange the Taro for Potato since they are both starches but I think that would be too simplistic...  the Taro bread was sweeter than a normal bread, soft and tasty...

Thanks for any help, comments, suggestions.


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Stuart Borken

There is a restaurant in the Westin Kerlan Hotel in Scottsdale Az. That makes a taro bread roll that is served as the bread with all their meals. They do share the recipe. Just get ahold of the manager of the Diseo Restaurant in the Weston Kerlan and ask for the recipe. It may even be on line. Stu B.

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Have no idea if this is what you are looking for. 

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Moya Gray


Try this link to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii  if it doesnt take you there directly search under luau recipes for Taro Rolls

Have fun!




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Stuart Borken

This is the web site for the restaurant in Scottsdale, Az. in the Kirland Westin Hotel and Resort.  They will give out the recipe for the bread rolls you want to make.  The restaurant is called Deseo.

Stu B.