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Poolish baking - failure

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Poolish baking - failure

Hi all,

This is my first sourdough bread with baking result in complete mess.

Breadmaker - Kenwood BM450
loaf 500g

white flour for bread 2.4 oz
water 1/2 cup (cold)
1/8 tsp inst yeast

Final Dough
white flour for bread 8 oz
water 6 oz (cold)
1/2 teaspoon inst yeast
1 tsp salt
sour cream 2 oz for making tender crust
all of the poolish

Salted cashew nuts    1 oz (chopped)
Walnut        1 oz (chopped)

Combined all ingredients for the poolish in a glass bowl. Covered the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving it at room temperature overnight.

Next morning the poolish looked like this;

Poured all ingredients of the final dough in the baking pan.

Preheat time    3 min
Mixing time    20 min
Rising time    90 min
Baking time    50 min
Baking temperature    300deg F
(there is no temperature setting on the breadmaker.  To reach higher temperature requires increasing the baking time)

Baking result likes this;

- Bread top completely flat
- bread texture is poor with too soft bread.

Would it be;
insufficient yeast ?
insufficient baking time ?



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A poolish is made with equal parts (by weight) of flour and water with a minute amount of yeast,  far less than 1/8 teaspoon.  So right from the start I see that your recipe falls short.  What you need is a good recipe and this is not it.


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Hi all,

Thanks for your advice.

The recipe used is a modified one based on;

My Pain Sur Poolish (Daily Bread)

I cut the ingredient quantity to half to make ONE loaf.  It uses equal part of flour and water.

For easy measurement of flour I converted its volume to weight according to;
Bread flour    1 cup = 136 g = 4.8 oz
        1/2 cup = 2.4 oz

I suppose I have to adjust the rising and baking time?  Shall I use lukewarm water (38~40 deg C)?