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ciabatta rolls

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ciabatta rolls

ciabatta is alot of fun,its such a peculiar dough and ive tried my best to shape it but....well failed..

i suppose its not supposed to be shaped as such but i want to produce rolls,uniformed and perfect for the deli


if ive got this right ciabatta is beaten,then hooked,turned out,proved,folded,then after a series of folds,baked.....obviously im open to correction on that aswell but to produce rolls,at what point do i cut the dough and how do i fold individual rolls....or!! do i produce the the folds etc...then cut it....i tried that but lost air....

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Ciabatta can be shaped if done right.


What you describe is a method but not the method. To be honest there is no definitive method. But if you're interested in tradition and the method typically used by the bakers of the country from which this bread came, then please see my recipe here.

EDIT: To make rolls just turn out the risen dough and pat into an oblong and cut pieces of the desired size.



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in the upper corner will will give you more than you could imagine; suggest trying that first by simply typing Ciabatta. 

That is always a good place to start given there are many serious and also professional bakers that will allow you to learn more than you thought possible.  Just about every conceivable topic has been covered in one way or another and you will surely learn more than you bargained for.  


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Here's a pic of my Ciabatta Rolls and a round "pizza bread" loaf made with no knead dough, which is a wet dough perfect for ciabatta!

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 I have for months now cut my loaves into a rolls.  After I proof and the oven is ready before I bake. I just take and use a scraper and cut the loaf into sections. You will only get ? 3-4 but thay work great as a sandwich roll. Nice crumb and crust.

Easy to freeze . Pop into convection oven 30 seconds . Cut and then add what ever.  Always run out . Matter of fact I have to make a batch tomorrow.