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I introduced myself earlier today and kind of forewarned that I would be literally bombarding you guys with questions......please forgive if they are so basic but it's where I'm at and really want to make amazing bread.....

When is the best time to slash bread?

Is it the quicker the cooking the latest the slashing and you slash earlier with breads that cook longer?




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with most breads, slashing is about the last thing you do immediately before loading the loaves into the oven.  Baking time is not a factor.  

There are a few breads (ryes?) for which slashing is recommended earlier in the final fermentation but I don't remember the specifics.


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I would add that, the higher the hydration, the more important it is to load the bread immediately after scoring it.  The cuts on stickier doughs are quicker to re-seal after slashing.


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Some great responses thank you!!
I also found a brilliant article here on scoring/slashing
Its amazing how every detail is fundamental

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Yes --

Score immedately before stashing the loaves in the oven...

I bake in cloches -- closed for the first ten minutes, then uncover for the rest of the bake.  Put the cold cloche in the cold oven, and pre-heat both.

Pre-heat to 450F.  At the last "second," transfer the loaves to the hot cloches, immediately score the loaf [loaves], cover and put the spurs to 'em!

After five minutes, drop the temp to your "normal" baking temp.  This blast of high heat [450F cloche and oven] really gets the oven spring... erm... springing! 

Happy Breading!

~ Broc