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Hi all,

Lately I've had an obsession with getting those beautiful "ears" to form on my bread. My results have been fairly inconsistent and am not really sure why. I know that the angle at which I hold my blade has a lot to do with it but I'm not really sure what else plays a part in getting those fabulous ears to show up. I'm fairly sure steam is a factor, but how about the hydration of the dough? Does this play a role at all?


Any feedback would be hugely appreciated!!


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My pan automatically produces 4 ears on every loaf. lol



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There's a great discussion regarding "ear" development here. It usually takes awhile to develop all the necessary skills of sourdough baking to the point where good bloom and ears indicate success in the art.


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I've just made 3 loaves this morning and for the first time in weeks didn't get ears! The only difference between today and recent bakes? I think I was on the edge of over proving. When the loaves went in they were a bit slacker, a bit more jelly like than normal. Still got great oven spring though. So try erring on the side of under proving would be my( novice) suggestion?