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g-f flour mix intended for quick breads?

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g-f flour mix intended for quick breads?

Does anyone have a flour mix that's suitable for quick breads without adding a bit of this or that other flour?  I've made the occasional cornbread, banana bread and pancakes, but have always started from a commercial g-f mix.  It would be handy if I could keep one flour blend around that I could grab just like I did with all-purpose wheat flour.

I've looked at some g-f quick bread recipes online, and they vary quite a bit in their flour blends.


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I agree, there are tons of different gluten-free flour blend recipes available online -- it can get quite dizzying! My favorite commercial gluten-free mix is from Bob's Red Mill; one day I looked at the ingredients and decided to make my own mixture to see if I could come up with something similar. I was happy with the result, so I offer it to you in case you want to try it (sorry that I haven't converted it to metric):

½ cup garbanzo bean flour

½ cup tapioca flour

3/8 cup brown rice flour

¼ cup sorghum flour

That makes a fairly small amount but can be multiplied, of course. I like the flavor and quality of Bob's Red Mill products, so I source all of the above flours from Bob's Red Mill.

Here's a source I've found to be pretty reliable for gluten-free information and recipes from the San Francisco Examiner:

Hope this helps!