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hello from london

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hello from london

greetings to everyone from london.

my name is sunil,i am a chef working here in good old london

2 years ago,my boss at the time asked me to bake a loaf of bread,something i had never done,so i went ahead and made something that closely resembled a chopping board....needless to say i kept going,learning,youtubing,googling etc...and i can tell you that i have never been so obsessed with totally hooked but with noone to talk to about it...i have questions and questions..

may i ask questions right here?

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I have found answers to lots of my bread questions on this site, and I hope that you can too. I'd recommend using the search box to see if there are answers in the archive that can help. If you don't see your question in the archive then please ask it, somebody else will almost certainly thank you for it in the future.

When you say 'ask right here' do you mean this introductory thread, or the website in general? You'll probably find the most help by putting your questions in the relavant categories, scan the list of forum topics and see which one fits each questions best. 

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Hi,thanks a lot that was really helpful and quick!!

Yes when I said can I ask right here I did indeed mean this topic but as I'm new to bread I am also very new to forums,blogs etc so I'll navigate around abut and ask in the relevant places

Thanks again

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Welcome Srvchef.  Fire when ready.

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Hi Sunil, the warmest welcome from your fellow Londoner....well, almost. I live in Greater London area.   You found the best place in the world for bread-obsessed! ;)

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It's great that you are reading TFL as much as you are.  I agree with those who have recommended that you use the search function.  There are very few questions that have not already been asked repeatedly. 

I strongly recommend that you buy a bread baking text book.  Such books are written to teach students from the ground up.  Regular cook books, however good, are not made for that.  I recommend DiMuzio's Bread Baking.  It's thorough for the beginner and not overwhelming as, for example, Hamelman's Bread will seem to a beginner.  Also, try The Fresh Loaf, a pocket book by this website's host, Floyd Mann.

I hope that you've taken the time to watch all the videos you can find so that when the time comes you'll know which ones to return to.

One more thing:  since so much of bread baking requires movements and the feel of working doughs of various hydrations, look for classes and or local mentors who'll let you watch and touch while they're working their magic.




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Wow thanks for such a warm welcome and all of the advice

Really looking forward to learning from you all!

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Hi Srvchef

Welcome to this lovely and welcoming site. I ask a lot of questions and always help help. do carry on with the bread baking  bye a


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thanks albert,looking forward to speaking to you

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you'll find we come close to overwhelming you with advice. by the way, there are lots of us in London or nearby. you are not alone! best wishes, candis 


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hi candis.

im ready to be overwhelmed......eventually coming to the point where i felt i needed constant help with my bread has taught me that im completely hooked so look out for a literal overflow of annoying questions!!

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Aussie Pete

Hi there,

Greetings from Australia( land down under) and welcome to TFL. Yep your right..............this is where ask your questions..........ask away!......................Cheers.......Pete

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Nice one pete!!!

Looking forward to learning!

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from another Londoner (well, during the week anyway...)

Do post questions on the forums - and once you are ready, start showcasing your bread on the blog area! <grin> (well, I showcased some of my failures...)

It's a truly great forum - give it a chance to get used to it, read a lot, and ... keep baking! (sorry)