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I went and did it

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I went and did it

As you probably can tell, I went and moved the site from Xoops to Drupal. It'll be a little disorienting for the next few days while I unpack, but take my word for it: this should be much more powerful.

All user accounts and comment from the old version of the site should be in here already. Mostly I just need to go through everything and tag it with topical information.

Please let me know if you are having any problems.


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The site looks nice. Like you say, it will take a day or two for the learning curve to kick in. ;)

The only "problem" I see is some of the text is over margin in some of the forums. Otherwise, excellent.


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We'll have to spend some time testing it with iE and other browsers (both of us use Firefox). He's still working out a ton of kinks - little things like not being able to post pictures in forums at the moment are very temporary. The blogs are nice though, aren't they? He's going to go through and make it so everyone can have a nice website adress instead of blogs/somenumber but it's going to take a couple days. And the navigation is only just being put in place still - it will be easier to find stuff in the next few days as he gets stuff categorized and adds the links in. (The old technology was EXTREMELY limiting in what it let you do - so even the idea of "hey why don't you create a list of favorites or most commonly searched on recipes and make it available from the front page" was this massively complicated thing to do before!) :)