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Sourdough x 2

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Sourdough x 2

Well, after the double water refreshment issue, I made a double batch of sourdough with the excessive amount of sourdough starter that I had.

I found this to be really wet dough and at a guesstimate this was close to a 70%ish hydration dough (happy for someone to point out the correct bakers percantage on this one ;-). 


800g starter

190g dark rye flour

1400g strong white bread flour

1300g water

40g salt


I added extra flour to make it a little more manageable for my abilities at Richard Bertinets method, as due to the large amount of wet dough I was at risk of flinging wet dough over myself, the kitchen walls, ceiling and light fitting!!!

I bulk proved overnight, split into 2 batches and shaped and baked with one, and froze the other (any views on how viable this second frozen batch will be would be also welcome).

One round and one oval cane banneton later the results are below

Fairly pleased, but I suspect that the dough has been very under proved in the banneton's as I was struggling to bake these to finish before 10:30pm!

Look good, apart from a tear in the round one:

No idea what the crust and crumb texture are like. One is destined to be taken into work tomorrow.  The other I will make into sandwiches so may take a picture then.

I may be using some of the remaining starter for the sourdough english muffins later in the week before refreshing (correctly!).